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Low-Tox Your Skin Care Routine

low tox your skin care routine

I love a good collaboration... and as such I am SOOOOO excited to announce that I will be working with the lovely Liza and Lili from Holy Herbal to host a Low-Tox Lifestyler Kickstarter that focuses on nurturing your largest organ... YOUR SKIN.

There will be delicious nurturing teas served up and beautiful Facial Cupping demonstration (Facial Cupping is my new favourite pamper for ME ) as well as a workshop to kickstart your low-tox journey. Just what will we be covering???

Kickstart the journey from....
` feeling lethargic and low in energy?
` moody and emotional?
` fuzzy headed and easily distracted?
` feeling bloated and sluggish?
` adult acne or simply just dull and lifeless skin?
` self doubt and lacking confidence?
`managing an often sickly and unhappy household?

and move towards....
* Abundant energy!
* Feeling happy and inspired!
* Crystal clear focus!
* Living lighter and brighter!
* Glowing from the inside!
* Harnessing your feminine energy and self love!
*Improved health and happiness for the entire family!

What you get:

  • Low-Tox Lifestyler Kickstarter workshop including Q&A
  • 7-day Kickstarter accountability emails including DIY recipes
  • Facebook group access for additional tips and motivation
  • Holy Herbal Face Cupping Micro Facial Demonstration
  • Selection of delicious teas to nurture your mind and body.

Tickets are essential as space is strictly limited.  

Register Here