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Low-Tox Lifestyler 7-Day Kickstarter

Low-tox your mind, body, home and heart with our Kickstarter program to start living your dream life. Reclaim abundant energy, clear focus and start kicking goals. 

Kickstart the journey from....
~ feeling lethargic and low in energy?
~ moody and emotional?
~ fuzzy headed and easily distracted?
~ feeling bloated and sluggish?
~ adult acne or simply just dull and lifeless skin?
~ self doubt and lacking confidence?
~ managing an often sickly and unhappy household?
and move towards....
~ Abundant energy!
~ Feeling happy and inspired!
~ Crystal clear focus!
~ Living lighter and brighter!
~ Glowing from the inside!
~ Harnessing your feminine energy and self love!
~ Improved health and happiness for the entire family!

What you get:

Low-Tox Lifestyler Kickstarter online workshop video and workbook

Value = $199

Daily accountability emails to guide you through daily tweaks to low-tox your life including DIY recipes as demonstrated in the workshop

Value = $99

Facebook group access for additional tips and motivation. 

Value = $199

TOTAL VALUE = $497.00

Only $147.00 

Why are toxins so harmful?

Toxins can and do negatively affect every part of the body. This is why it is important to be conscious of ways you can minimise your exposure in daily life. Whether it is the foods choices you make, the water you drink, personal care products you use or the way you heat and cool your home, your basic daily routine effects your health and well-being.

Toxin exposure can effect brain function, digestion, nutrient absorption, fertility and much more. Need extra support over and above the 7-Day Kickstarter then book a FREE Low-Tox Lifestyler consult with Renae Carroll and her team.