Hi! I write to inform you about my experiences with natural skin & body care products and to help you choose the right products for you. Please read this first, and then visit my other blogs, where I review beauty products and lifestyle products that you may find interesting.

I am not a doctor or health advisor. All of my medical information comes from independent sources only.

You need to be aware that natural skin & body care products are not always safer than commercial products. This is because many companies add parabens to their products to make them smell better and work longer. They also put chemicals in them to make them last longer. Many people think that natural products will be safer than commercial products. Nothing could be further from the truth. Parabens, dioxane, and ethyl acetate are the most common ingredients in these types of products. You can find out more about the dangers of these chemicals at my other sites.

If you are looking for natural skincare products, then you should avoid products that contain fragrances. These fragrances do not help your skin to be healthier, but they can irritate it.

The label of ingredients of any product that says “no added fragrance” should be a sign that something is wrong. Most manufacturers do not tell you what kind of chemicals they use when manufacturing their products.

As I have said before, I am not a professional in the field of natural skincare and beauty products. I am just an ordinary woman like you who wants to share my experience with natural skin & body care products and lifestyle products with you. You can also buy these products at my other websites, or by ordering online.

I also do not recommend buying your natural skincare products from a local store, unless you know the ingredients inside the bottle. Sometimes they use very little of each ingredient. You should only buy from a company that has a website and has good reviews.

Do your research, before you purchase any skincare products. You can find out more about the ingredients used in some of the popular brands online. My favourite natural skincare product is called Skinceuticals. It is affordable, and it works well on my skin.

The best natural skincare products I have found are ones made from honey, coconut oil, and babassu wax. These are only a few of the ingredients used in natural skincare products.